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Alexandrou Svolou 28, 54622, Thessaloniki
Bookstore cooperative at the centre of Thessaloniki, which was established in October 2013. Soon it became a reference point for the cultural life of the city, since it continually hosts plenty book presentations and organizes a series of events, varying from theatrical plays, film screenings, art exhibitions to storytelling for children. Beyond that, our bookstore works as a distribution hub, since it supplies books to other bookstores in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece, while it also provides textbooks for the university.

What we consider the most defining aspect of our project is its publishing activity, which aims at providing the Greek readers with books of high standards. We want to publish titles of prominent authors from Greece and abroad, either original works or fine translations. In the last two years that we run as a publishing house, we’ve managed to put out selected books (literature, political theory, social science) with quite a commercial success; we want to further build up on that success.

We have already published nine books as you can see at this link here​. http://www.biblionet.gr/main.asp?page=results&title=&TitleSplit=1&summary=&isbn=&person=&person_ID=&PerKind=0&com=Ακυβέρνητες+Πολιτείες&com_ID=9820&titlesKind=&from=&untill=&subject=&subject_ID=&series=&low=&high=&OrigLang=&PagesFrom=&PagesTo=&avail_stat=​